Laura Janda’s Teaching Portfolio: Partnering with Students in the Pursuit of Knowledge

1. My professional development as a teacher

1.1 Collaboration with colleagues, students, and leadership in the development of teaching

Collaboration has been an organic part of my development as a teacher. More…

1.2 My teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is firmly grounded in the traditions of student-centered learning and flipped classrooms on the one hand, and cognitive linguistics on the other hand. More…

2. My scientific approach to teaching

2.1 Communication of achievements in teaching and learning

While all of my over 130 publications involve research that has pedagogical implications, ten of my articles specifically target pedagogical issues. More…

2.2 My textbooks and websites for learners

I have played a leading role in co-authoring five textbooks and seven websites designed for learners that are used across Europe, North America, and Asia. More…

2.3 Prizes for excellence in pedagogy

I have won two nationwide prizes for my contributions to pedagogy, one for a textbook that I have co-authored, and one for my lifetime of achievements as a language teacher. More…

3. My role as a strategic pedagogical leader

For me, pedagogical leadership is a continuous exercise in pushing and pulling myself, my students, and my colleagues to challenge the boundaries of the learning process. More…

3.1 New courses I have launched

I have been creating new courses and revising old ones throughout the course of my career. More…

3.2 New programs of study I have launched

I have played a leadership role in the development of courses of study for both students and teachers in both the US and Norway. More…

3.3 The Next Generation: My advisees as pedagogical leaders

Perhaps the best measure of the effectiveness of a teacher is the generation of students that go on to become great teachers themselves. More…

Appendices with documentation

A.1 Full CV

A.2 Published articles targeting pedagogical issues

A.3 Lectures on pedagogy at conferences and universities

A.4 Textbooks

A.5 Pedagogical websites

A.6 Letters in support of my nomination as a “merittert underviser”

A.7 Completed PhD and MA degrees for which I was primary advisor

A.8 Certificate in Language Teaching Pedagogy

A.9 Student evaluations

A.10 Video about my teaching and research