A.5 Pedagogical websites

(Please note: Here I list only the projects for which I played a leading role as author or co-author.)

The Aspect in Russian Media Module is a research-based learning resource integrating authentic language, recordings of native speakers, animations, and hundreds of interactive learning exercises. Development was supported by 2 grants from the National Science Foundation in the US.

Exploring Emptiness webpage and exercises is an interactive resource for learners with pedagogical applications for mastering the Russian system of how to combine 1429 imperfective base verbs with 16 prefixes to form 1981 perfective partner verbs.

TROLLing is the Tromsø Repository of Language and Linguistics, conceived of as a community-learning project for linguists to master statistical analysis by sharing techniques, data, and code. I have also designed and starred in a promotional video and a series of instructional videos. This video interview describes the relationship of TROLLing to teaching.

The Learner’s Constructicon of Russian project prioritizes multi-word constructions that are not represented in dictionaries and are especially useful for learners of Russian. The Learner’s Constructicon of Russia is being built in parallel with the Swedish Constructicon and will ultimately model the entire Russian language in terms of constructions at all levels from morpheme to discourse.

Companion website for The Case Book for Russian, with audio and hundreds interactive exercises based on authentic examples.

Companion website for The Case Book for Czech, with audio and hundreds interactive exercises based on authentic examples.

Russian Oahpa! learning resource for exercising Russian morphology, developed in collaboration with the Giellatekno language technology center at UiT.

Cluster Types for Russian Verbs is a database of the aspectual clusters of Russian verbs that commonly appear in textbooks of Russian. The database is designed for learners, presenting 266 verb clusters containing over 2000 verbs and displaying their aspectual relationships.

Russian songs: Every week of Russian language instruction at UiT has been furnished with a song illustrating relevant grammatical features. For each song there is a document with the lyrics and glosses of key words in Norwegian, and an mp3 and/or music video.

Songs for RUS 0100

Songs for RUS 1001

Songs for RUS 1025

Songs for RUS 2040