2.3 Prizes for excellence in pedagogy

(Please note: Here I list only the prizes that I have received. I have been nominated for additional prizes.)

I have won two nationwide prizes for my contributions to pedagogy, one for a textbook that I have co-authored, and one for my lifetime of achievements as a language teacher.

2005. Book Prize for “Best Contribution to Pedagogy” from the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages for The Case Book for Russian book and interactive CD-ROM, with Steven J. Clancy.

Awarded at the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC. The award states: “The Case Book for Russian represents an innovative application of modern linguistics theory to pedagogy. The book identifies patterns of case usage in clearly defined networks, using easy-to-follow terminology. It is unlike any other textbook in its flexibility. Parts of this book can be used in any order to address specific case-related problems. It is applicable in a variety of levels and settings, and can easily combine with other textbooks. Most importantly, the book demonstrates the relevance and usefulness of serious up-to-date linguistics to language teaching.”

2003. Dr. A. Ronald Walton Award from the National Council of Organizations of Less Commonly Taught Languages for a distinguished career in Less Commonly Taught Languages for excellence in the teaching of Russian and Czech.

Awarded in 2003 in Los Angeles, California to Laura A. Janda. “The Walton Award is presented to an individual whose career has been distinguished by selfless service and noteworthy contributions to the fostering of less commonly taught language initiatives. This prestigious award was named after the late A. Ronald Walton whose tireless efforts on behalf of less commonly taught languages are remembered fondly by all who knew him.”